• 7th Grade Language Arts

    The Language Arts curriculum consists of the following components:

    • Writing Workshop- Writing will include a variety of units including narratives, information writing, literary analysis essays, research based essays, and persuasive speeches.
    • Grammar and Vocabulary- Grammar skills and vocabulary are taught in alignment with the NJ Student Learning Standards.





    -Independent Reading Book & Class Text


    -Writing Utensil

    -Post Its


    Classroom Expectations:


    1. Come to class prepared with all required materials.
    2. Follow directions.
    3. Turn in assignments on time and thoughtfully completed.
    4. Contribute to the class in a positive way.


    Grading Policy:


    Assignments will be graded using a point system

     -On Demand Writing Assessments, Final Drafts (Process Pieces), Tests,  Projects (40pts- 100 pts)

    -Notebook Unit Assessments, Quizzes, Reading Logs, Participation (5pts- 50 pts)

     Homework- (3 pts- 25 pts)

    -Daily Homework/ Practice (1-100pts)