G & T

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” - Benjamin Franklin

  • Gifted and Talented Programming at Sea Girt

    Identification process for gifted learners

    • An observation inventory is completed by teachers two times per year
    • Teachers identify students who demonstrate gifted learning characteristics
    • A mix of both qualitative and quantitative data will be reviewed 
    • 2-3% of school aged children will qualify for gifted programming

    Balanced Approach

    • Teachers provide differentiated instruction in the classroom at all grade levels
    • Push in enrichment grades K-2, once per week - project and discovery based activities - focus on use of technology and 21st century skills
    • Push in enrichment grades 3-5, once per week for four to six week cycles - project based - focus on use of technology and 21st century skills
    • Pull out enrichment grades 3-5 twice per week - individualized - based on ability and learning profile - participation in convocation experiences
    • Opportunities for grades 6-8 include participation in accelerated classes in areas of reading and math - participation in convocation experiences

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