BOE Ad Hoc Committee

    Our Ad-Hoc Committee membership is finally complete!  We'd like to welcome our Commitee members:
    BOE representatives: Ms. Deb Bellaran, Dr. Thomas Loughlin
    Administration representatives:  Mrs. Carly Fanslau, Dr. Brian Savage
    Community representatives:  Mr. Mike Meixell, Mrs. Lynne Flynn
    Faculty representatives:  Ms. Maureen Masto, Mr. Marty Mundie
    Parent representatives:  Mrs. Beth O'Reilly, Mrs. Hilary DiFeo
    The committee is meeting about every 2 weeks. We just completed our second meeting, and will be posting summaries of those meetings on the Board website.  An update will also be presented at the upcoming BOE meeting on March  30th. The next Ad-Hoc Committee meeting will take place on April 13. Please speak with any Committee member with questions/input at any time.
    We appreciate the interest and commitment of these individuals to volunteer their time for our Sea Girt School community.