Spelling Bee


                              It's time to prepare for the                           

        Sea Girt Elementary School

       Scripps Spelling Bee 

                          December 7, 2018


    STEP # 1- The words included in the classroom-level competition guides come from the following word lists,which students should study prior to spelling competition. First, look for the the word list that corresponds with your grade level. Once you master the grade-level study list, you will want to move on to the full School Spelling Bee List 2019  below.

                              Classroom Spelling Bee Study Lists


    STEP # 2 -  This year, all of the words from the 2019 School Spelling Bee Study List will be taken from  engaging, grade-appropriate books, allowing your students to get to know these words in the context of great stories. Click below to download a copy of the 2019 Great Words, Great Works book list and start a journey to discover new worlds of words!

    2019 Great Works, Great Words List

    Once you have studied you grade-level Classroom Spelling Bee List, you can begin to study and master the words found on the School Spelling Bee List below.

    School Spelling Bee List 2018-2019


    STEP # 3 - Have you mastered the full school study list and wish to get a head start on studying for the next level of competition?? Click on the link below!


    Spell It! 2019