Softball Practice Schedule:


    Due to scheduling and availability, softball practices will sometimes have to be held later in the afternoon. Early practices are from 3:15- 4:15 and late practices are from 4:15-5:15. It is important to be prompt and ready to go at the start times.


    Practice Time:

    March 20-22

    Early Practice

    March 25-26

    Early Practice

    March 27-29

    Late Practice

    April 1-5

    Early Practice

    April 10

    Early Practice

    April 12

    Early Practice

    April 16

    Early Practice

    April 30

    Early Practice

    May 8

    Late Practice

    May 10

    Early Practice

    May 14

    Early Practice

    Games begin on April 8th! :-)


    Softball Game Schedule


    April 8- Home vs. Lavallette

    April 9- Away vs. Bradley Beach

    April 11- Away vs. Belmar

    April 15- Home vs. Neptune

    April 17- Away vs. Deal

    April 29- Home vs. Avon

    May 1- Away vs. Bay Head

    May 2- Home vs. Bradley Beach

    May 6- Away vs Lavallette

    May 7- Home vs. Deal

    May 9- Away vs. Neptune

    May 13- Home vs. Belmar

    May 15- Away vs. Avon

    May 21-  Home vs. Bay Head