• In 6th grade, we ask students to help our mornings run more smoothly by taking on responsbilities. There are 4 jobs that are rotated each month. Students are randomly selected for each job. It is their responsbility to complete each job daily. Students must complete their job accurately and efficiently. 

    The jobs in homeroom are as follows:


    Attendance Administrator- Student must take attendace accurately and save the attendance sheet. Student must also select another student to collect work for any absent students. 


    Paper Collector- Student must collect any papers or permission slips that were sent home and returned to school. They are also responsible for passing out any papers that need to go home. 


    Morning Greeter- Student is responsible for starting our morning greeting. 


    Flag Salute Leader- Student is charge of checking to make sure all students in the class are ready to salute the flag and begin by saying, "Ready, Salture."