• Hurricae Tracking

    What are we looking for?


    Hurricane Central at The Weather Channel  
                   click on Hurricane Tracker ~ when you hover over a plotted point, a pop-up of data appears
    While looking at the track, review how it developed from a depression or storm into a hurricane.
                What observations can the students make?  
                How has it cha
    nged its track? 
                What might have caused the change in the track?

                   click BACK and then go to the map room.  At the bottom left you can select "Show map in motion"
    How does the structure of the storm look? 
                Is the eye well-defined? 
                What about the rain bands?

    National Hurricane Center  Tropical Prediction Center ~ NOAA
                    click on the storm you would like to see ~ various maps to view track, wind predictions