Welcome to

    6th Grade Language Arts

    with Mrs. Walters and Mrs. Bakerian


    LA 6 Google Classroom


    Community Participation Grading Rubric


    Community Expectations

    In order to create a writing community that is comfortable and productive, students agree to:


    1. Come to class prepared to work.This requires a writer's notebook*/your laptop, folder, pen/pencil and homework.  Students need to check Google Classroom for homework every night to make sure they have completed all assignments and are prepared for the next day.  ALL students should also be documenting announcements and homework in their agendas.

    *Since our Writers Notebooks are currently organized in Google Slides, it is imperative that you charge your laptops, complete the necessary updates, and organize all of your files just as you would an actual notebook. 

           2. Be ready to write every day.

           3. Share our work and treat the work of our peers with respect:We will be sharing everything we write and compose; therefore, we will create a safe and accepting environment for writing and sharing.  Our "Writers Workshop" atmosphere will be one where everyone feels open to sharing and commenting on their peers' writing.

           4. Get connected. We will compose on the computer frequently. Students will have access to GOOGLE DOCS in and out of school to complete writing assignments.  Students should plan their computer time at home wisely and make sure all necessary printing is done before class.    



    Student will not be given full credit on late assignments, unless he or she has been absent.  If that is the case, the student will receive the time for makeup work as outlined in the student handbook.  Students are responsible for completing all work missed for ANY absence, including band.


    Language Arts 6 Course


    Worldy Wise

    Grammar Skills

    Narrative Writing

    Research Paper

    Informative Essay


    Grading Policy:

    -Homework: 10-50pts

    -Assignments/Quizzes: 20-100pts

    -Polished Drafts/Projects:100 pts

    -Marking Period Community Expecations/Participation: 100pts


    Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns or to schedule a phone conference: cwalters@seagirt.k12.nj.us.

    Phone: 732-449-3422 ext. 305

    I'm always happy to help!