Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Jeffrey Russo

I have been an educator for the past 16 years. In that time, I was a Special Education Inclusion Teacher, Learning Disability Teacher Consultant, Special Education Department Chairperson, and an Assistant Principal. My roles have allowed me to collaborate with all district departments, in turn gaining knowledge and experience in the areas of curriculum development, special education, early childhood, counseling, health services, and district/state assessment. As an educational leader, I foster a collaborative work environment in which teachers, students, and the community can openly share ideas and respond to the needs of our students. 

My core values are accountability, trust, authenticity, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence. I will hold myself accountable for my decisions. I will place trust in my staff and the Sea Girt Elementary community.  I will be authentic in my interactions with all stakeholders. I will foster an environment of collaboration where all voices are heard and all opinions are valued. I will commit myself to providing the students of Sea Girt Elementary with and excellent education that prepares them for their future. 

I believe in setting high standards and high expectations. I believe that every child can learn and should be provided with an education that meets their individual needs. I believe in treating our students, staff, and the community with compassion and dignity. I believe that we all must work together to ensure we reach our ultimate goal of a successful learning experience for all of our students.