• Teachers will be available online to interact with parents and students from 9am-1pm, daily. 
    • Daily directions and/or assignments will be shared (via email for PK-2 and in Google Classroom for 3-8) by 9am each day.


    Roles and Responsibilities for Students

    • Dedicate appropriate time to learning, as guided by the lessons provided by your teachers.
    • Check teachers’ websites/Google Classroom daily for updates in Grades 3-8, or have your parents help you. In PK-2, look for assignments that are emailed to your parents daily.
    • Find a comfortable place at home where you can study and learn.
    • Submit all assignments by the provided due dates.
    • Communicate via email or Google Classroom with teachers any problems you are having with assignments and/or technology, or have your parents email the teacher.


    Roles and Responsibilities for Parents

    Support your child in their learning by:

    • Encouraging students to complete all virtual/remote learning assignments.
    • Designating a place where your child can work independently and with few distractions.
    • Asking your child about his/her assignments to further engage them in the learning.
    • Checking with your child to ensure assignments are completed by due dates. 
    • Reminding your child to communicate with their teacher via Goggle Classroom (Grades 3-8) if they have any questions or need support in their learning.
    • Emailing teachers with any questions that younger students may have.
    • If you are experiencing technology issues, please let us know.


    Roles and Responsibilities for Teachers

    • Engage with students in the online environment.
    • Read and respond to all emails.
    • Provide feedback to students, if using online environments
    • Continue to develop lesson plans for weeks beyond school closure, in the event additional content is needed.
    • Add new content to your website/Google Classroom that supplements the lessons students currently have.
    • Communicate with parents and check that students are successful in completing the work you’ve assigned.
    • Update your Google Classroom (3-8)/daily email(PK-2) each day with a message for your students.

    These are uncharted waters for everyone. Please stay positive as we navigate through the challenges ahead. Do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.