• Our Kindergarten

    In the Sea Girt Kindergarten, we strive to allow the children to develop physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually in an active child-centered atmosphere.  It is my hope that the children will establish the foundation for life long learning.

    It is during the first years of school that the fundamental pattern of learning is established and a positive attitude towards school is created.  The Sea Girt Kindergarten develops the whole child, concentrating on his/her self-esteem and sense of competence. This leads to the development of a positive feeling towards learning.

    To ensure success, our Kindergarten recognizes the fact that young children learn best when they are actively engaged in a varied, fast moving, educational environment.  Our classroom represents plenty of opportunities to explore and discover.  The curriculum is inter-disciplinary with highly integrated subject matter.  We are immersed in purposeful activity, where the children acquire information, develop concepts, and discover the relevance of what they are learning.

    The children acquire basic skills.  They learn about language and the function of print.  They learn about numbers, counting, and mathematical relationships.  We concentrate first on personal recognition and respect and then we learn to respect the needs of others.  The children learn to function as members of a group.  They are guided to observe the world around them.  

    The Sea Girt Kindergarten recognizes that learning occurs in defined stages.  It is an understanding of these stages that is essential to the concept of education.  Since the children develop at different rates, I acknowledge and appreciate individual differences.  The children in my classroom are offered developmentally age appropriate experiences that ensure successful learning.  Success is important in the classroom.  It makes the student want to come back and stay in school.  If the student wants to learn, the student will!