• Going off to school for the first time is exciting and a bit overwhelming. To help with the transition, the following suggestions are recommended.

    Kindergarten students have an assigned place on the playground to line up for class. Please feel free to walk your child to the lineup area; however, we ask that you allow the class to enter the building together. Experience has shown that when parents enter the building with the line, it is even harder for the students to say goodbye for the day.

    Students will need a backpack to hold important papers going home each day.  Please check the supply list located on the homepage of the Kindergarten website to see other items needed for the year.

    Sea Girt Elementary has a closed lunch period. Most of the students eat at school; however, if you would like your child to come home, there is a strict sign-out procedure that must be followed at the front office.


    Children have gym class 2 times each week. Sneakers are necessary. Students are asked to wear sneakers to school on the designated gym days. 

    Obviously, good bathroom habits are expected. Something that is easily overlooked is whether students can unfasten and refasten their clothing during bathroom breaks. Please double check that they can take care of this without assistance.

    Each day there is a 30 minute recess scheduled.

    Kindergarten students are not allowed to walk back and forth from school alone. Please plan to drop off and pick up your child each day. If you are not able to do this, make appropriate arrangements with school.

    Kindergarten students are dismissed at the side door at 3:00 p.m.