Classroom rules and policies

    -           Come in (quietly), sit down, take out your notebook, pencil and red pen and get ready to work.

    -           Be courteous and respectful to your teacher(s) and your classmates. 

    -           Keep the classroom neat; please throw your garbage away (at the appropriate time)

    -           You need to ask permission to leave your seat. 

    -          Come to class prepared.  MATERIALS needed for this math class: your MATH textbook, a MATH notebook,   
         a MATH folder, a PENCIL and a RED pen.   A scientific calculator is suggested, not required.   
         (CASIO fx-300MS is the type we use in class.)

    -          Discipline will be handled as it is outlined in the student handbook.  

    -          Cheating on tests, quizzes or homework will result in a zero.

    -          When you are absent it is your responsibility to get the work.  All missing work must be made up, this includes notes, "in-class" dittos and homework.   The policy for makeup work is outlined in the student handbook.


    Notebook presentation

    -          Your notebook will be graded!!!!  Organization is a key component to being successful in this class.
         (A notebook quiz will be announced.)

    -          You need a MATH notebook and a MATH folder for all the dittos, worksheets, quizzes, tests and your homework list.

    -          You must keep an updated HW LIST!  (You must record the date for each homework, you must write down the assignment and record your grades throughout the marking period.)

    -          You must write in PENCIL, with corrections being made in RED pen.

    -          Each day your notes will be dated and a heading will be given.

    -          ALL examples and notes written on the board go in your notebook, unless you are told otherwise.


    Grading policy

    -          This class is graded on a point system.

    -          TO COMPUTE YOUR AVERAGE:  divide the total number of points you earn by the total number of points possible.  (I will explain this in more detail at a later time.)

    -          Your grade will be made up of tests, quizzes, class work and homework.

    -          TESTS will be approximately 100 points.  Test will always be announced.

    -          QUIZZES will range from 5 to 50 points.  Quizzes may or may not be announced.

    -          HOMEWORK will be given and checked daily.

    -          Homework and organization are a very important part of this class!!

    -          completed homework assignment is usually worth 2 points.  (Some assignments are worth more.)  An incomplete assignment will earn 1 point and an unacceptable will earn you 0 points.

    -          completed and acceptable homework assignment contains the following:

    1.     A heading: the HW number, page number, assigned problems and the date

    2.     You need to show the problem AND your work.  A list of answers is unacceptable.  (No excuses like … “I did it in my head.”)

    3.     If there is a diagram, draw it.

    4.     An attempt on EVERY problem must be made or the assignment is incomplete.  You must at least copy the problem to show an attempt was made.

    -          If you do not have your homework, you will earn 0 points on your homework grade

    -          Substitute assignments are worth 4 points.

    -          Being unprepared for class will result in points being deducted from your preparation/expectation grade.  (For example: no book, no HW, no pencil, no red pen.. etc...)  

    -Since homework answers are givn in class the next day, all homework MUST be corrected, in red pen. (This will be checked when I grade your notebooks.)