• Welcome to Great Books 8
    with Mrs. Walters
    Summer Reading - Barringer High School
     Summer Work 2021
    Please use the Google Class code to access Summer work. 
    Google Classroom code: bbv2lno
    Have a wonderful summer!
    1. Come to class prepared and ready to learn.
    -pocket folder
    -Readers Notebooks - (Google Slides)
    -pen & highlighter
    -current class text or novel
    -iPick book

    2. Read every day. You must have a book with you at all times.  Be sure to read at home each night, too.

    3. Participate and listen.  We will discuss the readings each day and you are expected to be prepared and ready to share your thoughts and ideas.
    4. Check Google Classroom daily for updates, announcements, homework & important documents/slides.  Each student should utilize his/her agenda book to document information in addition to checking GC.

    Students will not receive full credit for assignments that are late.  Points will be deducted from the overall grade.  If a student is absent, please refer to the school policy as outlined in the student handbook.  If a student is attending band, they are still responsible for the missed work/homework.

    *Short stories, novel units, myths, non-fiction, NewsELA, and poetry
    *Outside reading
    *Readers Notebooks
    *Class Discussions
    *Application of Reading Strategies  (signposts)

    Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns or to schedule a phone conference:
    Phone: (Please reach out via email to set up a phone conference)
    Room: IMC
    Happy Reading!