• Ms. Lawlor                                               Grade 8 HR


    Social Studies - Grades 5-8



    Expectations for Student Behavior


    1. PREPARE mentally and physically for the process of learning.
    2. Demonstrate INTEGRITY and RESPECT for all people and property.
    3. Accept RESPONSIBILITY for behavior and learning.
    4. Use TIME and RESOURCES responsibly.
    1. SHARE responsibilities when working with members of a group.
    2. Seek ASSISTANCE from me, school staff members, and peers.
    3. COMMUNICATE with your parents and me about any school-related issues.


    Classroom Procedures


    1. Always enter room QUIETLY and take assigned seat.  Prepare all materials needed for class (laptop, books, notebooks, pens, pencil sharpening, etc.)
    2. Immediately check Google Classroom for "DO NOW" question or assignment without TALKING.
    3. RAISE YOUR HAND if you have a question or need help. STAY IN YOUR SEAT unless you are given permission to do otherwise.
    4. If you have a BATHROOM emergency, raise your hand using two fingers, so I can determine the difference between that and a question/comment.
    5. If you FINISH WORK EARLY, occupy yourself quietly.  Revisit your work, review notes/flashcards, or read.  DO NOT GO ON THE INTERNET!
    6. Do not PACK UP before the bell rings.  I WILL DISMISS YOU, NOT THE BELL!
    7. Always keep our classroom CLEAN and NEAT!  You are all responsible for the area around your desk as well as the ENTIRE CLASSROOM.
    8. DISCIPLINE and DEMERITS will be handled as outlined in your STUDENT HANDBOOK … READ IT!
    9. LAPTOP COMPUTERS  are to be used for ASSIGNED WORK ONLY!
    10. CHEATING is unacceptable on any level!  Cheating on tests, quizzes, or homework will result in a zero, but most importantly, a loss of my trust!



    - C.S. Lewis



    SMILE … We are going to have a GREAT year!