• 3rd - 5th Grade


    Students in the 3rd-5th grade age range begin to have a world of musical performance opportunities open up to them. All students continue to develop music learning skills using the Quaver Music online curriculum. Students in grades 3 - 5 cover key concepts such as rhythm, singing, melody, the Classical Period, notes and rests, dynamics, instruments, styles, tempo, chords and harmony, form, duration, notation, articulation and tempo, the Romantic Period, meter, listening, and the Impressionist Period. For more information on Quaver Music, please click here to learn more about this new engaging and creative music curriculum that is sure to develop a love for music in your child.

    Students will continue to learn to sing, read, listen, study, appreciate, and play music in a variety of ways. Through singing, students will improve their pitch, range, voice control, individual and group singing abilities by singing songs from text, learning holiday music, and learning cultural music. Utilizing various percussion instruments, tone chimes, xylophones, recorders, and more, students will develop performance skills on instruments while learning to read music and perform as a group. 4th and 5th grade students are eligible and highly encouraged to join the Sea Girt Elmentary School Band!