• Welcome to Health ~ Ms. Ryder

    Room Number:    Health Office 
    Email Address:     jryder@seagirt.k12.nj.us
    Phone number:   732-449-3422 ext. 102

    The Health Education discipline employs the study of the individual as a wholly integrated entity. The goals of this curriculum are for each student to develop quality emotional, mental and social health habits. A total program of health education must be reinforced and supplemented by the home and by community efforts to help each child attain his/her maximum health potential.


    We believe that teachings should stimulate interest and provide opportunities for students to explore and seek answers to questions regarding the many aspects of health and safety. To that end, students regularly participate in lessons and activities, which are designed to develop skills in the areas of: self-confidence, communication, character education, cooperation, problem-solving, resisting negative influences, and expressing respect and appreciation to others.

    All students should learn responsible personal behaviors that a lead to a healthy lifestyle that strengthens those attitudes and values, which help build a strong community and nation. The ultimate responsibility for ones health, as well as one’s behavior, lies in one’s self.


Last Modified on May 7, 2014