• Pre-K - 2nd Grade

    Colored notes

    Students in this age range are at an exciting age for discovery and exploration in the world of music! Using the Quaver Music online curriculum, students explore a variety of topics including, beat, voice, rhythm, pitch, melody, meter, instruments, dynamics, tempo, duration, listening, lines and spaces, notes and rests, form, the Baroque Period, and composing. For more information on Quaver Music, please click here to learn more about this new engaging and creative music curriculum that is sure to develop a love for music in your child.

    Students will also learn to sing, read, listen, and play music in a variety of ways. Students work to learn proper singing techniques, songs through rote, and advance to reading songs from written music through learning basic children’s songs, holiday music, and playing pitch matching games. Students are encouraged to develop rhythm through movement and dance and performance using a wide variety of percussion instruments. The ability to read music will be enhanced through lessons utilizing xylophones, tone chimes, and piano.