• Sea Girt Elementary
    The primary purpose of Internet and email usage is to support the educational process in the Sea Girt School District. The Sea Girt Staff reserves the right to screen and monitor student Internet activity. Students engaging in wrongful acts such as the following are subject to suspension of Internet and email privileges and disciplinary action in accordance with the procedures set forth in the policies of the Sea Girt Board of Education:
    1.Searching, viewing or retrieving materials that are sexually explicit, profane or illegal.
    2.Copying, saving or redistributing copyrighted material.
    3.Subscription to any services or ordering of services/goods.
    4.Sharing of student's personal information (name, address, passwords, etc.).
    5.Participation in any chat rooms.
    6.Vandalism to any hardware or software.
    7.Using the network in any manner that is disruptive to others.
    8.Any activity that violates a school rule or local, state or federal law.
    9.Sharing of personal information, yours or anyone else's (name, address, telephone, passwords, etc).
    10.Sending or receiving messages that are inappropriate, obscene, racist, or contain abusive or inflammatory language.
    11.Sending or receiving mail using someone else's login or password.
    12.Agreeing to meet face-to-face with someone you've met online.
    13.Using E-mail for commercial purposes.
    14.Downloading and/or installation of any software program without permission from a SGES official or representative.
    15.Inappropriate use of laptop.
    1. Never give out your name, address, phone number, email, and password or school name.
    2. Never send a picture of yourself to a stranger.
    3. Never open emails, files or web pages from people you don’t know or trust.
    4. Always check with an adult before downloading anything.
    5. Never respond to new people online.
    6. Tell an adult if something makes you uncomfortable, scared or confused.
    7. Tell an adult if anyone online asks you to meet in person.
    8. Never tell a stranger where you are going and what time you will be there.
    9. Never enter a chat room.
    10. Do not share details about your life with others online.
    11. Do not use mean or rude language online.
    12. Do not buy or order anything online.