• Classroom Rules and Procedures

    Be prompt!

    Enter the classroom quietly, take your seat, and immediately begin morning routine/ work.

    Be prepared. Have extra pencils sharpened and in your pencil case in case your point breaks. (Students are allowed to sharpen pencils (up to 3 each day) during the first 10 minutes of each morning.

    Eyes and ears must be looking and listening to the speaker. (Hands must be “free” of all objects so that your full attention is on the speaker.)

    Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak. No calling out!

    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    Stay in your seat unless you have permission to do otherwise.

    Use polite and kind words.

    Be honest.

    Sit correctly in your seat with your feet on the floor.

    Pay attention so that you know what is being asked of you or taught.

    Move quietly from one location in the classroom to another.

    Use an inside voice, look ahead, and hands to your side when traveling in the halls.

    In cooperative classroom activities use a low volume voice.


    First time a student breaks a rule: verbal warning

    Second time: student must sign “The Book”

    Third time: student stays at desk during snack time for five minutes and cannot get up and socialize with other students during that time. Parents are contacted.

    You will find that I use many forms of POSITIVE RECOGNITION to promote the desired behavior.

    Here’s some:


    Positive notes and phone calls home

    Positive notes to students

    Tangible rewards (stickers, books, pencils, etc.) (This is not a bribe. A reward is given as a result of a behavior.)

    Special helper in the room (Teacher’s helper)

    Classwide Positive Recognition

    I have a system that is very popular with the first graders. We have a marble jar. When I see that the class is following the rules or if we receive compliments from other teachers (i.e. walking in hallway quietly), I drop a marble in the jar. When we reach 20 marbles the class gets a special prize. Some popular prizes are watching a special 15 minute movie, having a special snack, or going outside for 15 minutes. After we reach 20 marbles, the jar is emptied and we start all over again!

    Individual Reports

    Each Friday you will receive a weekly report on your child. This will inform you of your child’s behavior and their progress concerning classroom rules and procedures. This is not an academic report. The weekly report will indicate whether or not your child has been successfully following the classroom rules and procedures. The report will indicate any areas that may need improving. The reports will also inform you if your child had to sign “the book” that week and to the reasons why. “The book” is a notebook that a child is asked to sign after breaking a rule or procedure after he/she has first been given a warning. If a child is asked to sign the book, they will be asked to sign their first name and date. Therefore, it serves as a dated behavior log. The book will contain numbered class rules and procedures. Whichever number is not followed will be written next to the child’s name.

    Please take the time to review these reports each Friday. Please remember to sign it and place it in your child’s homework folder so that it may be returned on the next school day.

    Establishing a strong home-school connection will greatly benefit your child and offer the best possible learning experience.

    Homework Policy

    Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday of each week. To better help you plan for the week ahead, you will see that a weekly homework sheet is distributed each Monday (or first day of that school week) and placed in your child’s homework folder. This homework sheet MUST remain in the homework folder until the conclusion of the week. For your convenience, I post the homework sheet weekly on my school website.          www.seagirt.k12.nj.us    (Look for my name and for the link that says homework sheet). Homework is expected to be turned in on time. Please see that you communicate the importance of homework to your child and help instill responsibility by having it completed each night. If for some reason your child was unable to complete the homework, I will need the parent to write a note on the homework sheet under the correct day of the week that homework was not completed and the reason why. If this is to occur, it is acceptable for the homework to be turned in the following day. If homework is not completed and a note was not written on the homework sheet, a 5 minute loss of playtime during recess at lunch will result, followed by a note from me sent home.

    Please review these rules and procedures with your child. It is important that your child knows that you are aware of these rules and procedures and share the same expectations as I do.