• character
    Sea Girt Elementary School strives in teaching our students the importance in having good values and strong character. It is up to each of us to lay a solid foundation for character development by teaching children right from wrong and acting as positive role models. Character is moral strength. A person of character does the right thing for the right reason. A person of character knows the difference between right and wrong and always chooses the right path even during the most difficult times.
    Our school  understands the importance of social emotional development of children and considers it a top priority.  Students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 participate in weekly Social Decision Making (SDM) classes with the school counselor and classroom teacher.  The classes focus on becoming responsible citizens, good friends and making good choices.  Some of the research based programs include Stop and Think, Whole Body Listening, and Social Decision Making/Social Problem Solving.
    In addition to the above programs, our students in grades 4-8 focus on digital citizenship, drug and alcohol and suicide prevention. Small group and peer role playing help facilitate this curriculum.
Last Modified on August 25, 2016