• First Grade Math
     These are four domains that we will cover in math this year:
    1. Operations and Algebraic Thinking
    2. Number and Operations in Base Ten
    3. Measurement and Data
    4. Geometry
    Sixteen topics (chapters) will be learned under these four domains.

     1.            Understanding Addition                                             

     2.            Understanding Subtraction                                                                            

     3.           Five and Ten Relationships                                                                        
     4.            Addition and Subtraction Facts to 12                                                              
     5.            Addition and Subtraction Facts to 20
     6.            Subtraction Facts to 20
     7.            Counting and Number Patterns to 120
     8.            Tens and Ones
     9.            Comparing and Ordering Numbers to 100
    10.           Adding with Tens and Ones
    11.          Subtraction with Tens and Ones
    12.          Length
    13.          Time
    14.          Using Data to Answer Questions
    15.          Geometry
    16.          Fractions of Shapes 

    Often the skills are introduced with the use of manipulatives.  We have several manipulatives in our class:

    counting chips, unifix cubes, dice, dominoes, place value blocks (ones, tens, and hundreds), and geometric shapes. 
    Manipulatives make the skill more meaningful because they are tangible.  The workbook pages are used to reinforce the skill being taught.


    Cooperative learning is often used in math.   This also includes children engaged in math centers. Working in pairs or small groups teaches how to share and  learn from each other.


    We do have math tests at the end of each topic to assess your child’s learning.  The tests are sent home to be signed and returned.


    The following categories are considered when grading math;

    math worksheets/activities                                              


    class and cooperative group participation 
    cooperative groups/math centers