• First Grade Journals

    We have 2 periods a week designated for journals (writing).   Journals are a time to practice handwriting and spelling.  It is also a time to practice putting thoughts down on paper.  The children are to write their name, date, and 1 sentence.  The sentence must contain capital letters where needed, finger spaces between words, and correct punctuation.  The class also gets a chance to illustrate their idea on the back of the paper.  I expect the children to sound out the letters that they know.  For example, in the beginning of the year, when writing their sentence, the students should be able to sound out simple words such as “run”, “sun”, “bat”, and “got”.  The children should also know how to spell words such as “to”, “the”, “and”, and “see”.   Other words that they may need help with are written on the board for them.  As the year goes on, the children are expected to sound out words using the sounds that we learned.  The children are told to sound out as much as possible, but if they get stuck on a word they may ask me for help.  As the year progresses, the students will be asked to write 2 sentences.  Before the end of the year, each student will be required to write 3-4 sentences.  Some students may write more than that if they’d like. The sentences that you see now are simple sentences (i.e. “I like art.”).  This is fine for now.  The sentences will improve as they develop their reading skills.