• Grade 3

    Sea Girt Elementary School



    The purpose of homework is to reinforce class lessons and help develop good study habits.  Approximately 20-30 minutes per night of written work will be assigned. The children will also be required to read on a daily basis.  It is your child’s responsibility to return his/her homework folder daily along with the homework due that day. Homework will be give a score of either 2 (completed), 1 (mostly completed), or 0 (incomplete).  Incomplete homework must be completed and handed in the following day.  Please help your child when needed, but encourage them to try the work on their own first.


    Friday Folders

    The purpose of Friday Folders are to help keep you informed of your child’s progress.  Folders will include class work, homework, quizzes and tests. Return only tests and papers marked “sign and return”. Folders should be signed and returned the following Monday. 


    Spelling Tests

    Students will take a spelling pretest every Monday.  Students who score 100% on the pretest will be given a Challenge List, a new list of words to know for Friday.  Please have your child practice their words throughout the week so they are prepared for their spelling test on Friday.



    Tests and quizzes will be assigned frequently to help assess your child’s growth.  Tests will always be announced 2-5 days before they are given.  Please sign and return all tests in your child’s Friday Folder.


    Extra Help
    I am available for extra help during lunch and recess time. If your child is struggling with homework, please encourage him/her to ask for extra help.  You can also jot me a note on the homework or send me an email and I’ll be sure to work with your child during this time


    Grades will be determined by tests, quizzes, class work, participation in class, and projects/reports.




    We will have a daily snack in the morning. Please include one healthy snack for snack time.



    If your child is absent from school, work can be prepared for your child if it is requested before 9 am.  Work must be picked up in the office between 3:15-4:00.  Students will have two nights to complete missed assignments. 



    Birthdays are celebrated throughout the year. Your child may bring in a treat if they wish. Please send enough for the class, 18 students and 1 teacher! Please be aware that we do have students with peanut allergies.  Please be sure all treats are PEANUT FREE!!!



    Getting in Touch

    If you need to speak to me about anything at all please, don’t hesitate to send a note, leave a message, or email me mmasto@seagirt.k12.nj.us. 



    What you can do to help at home

    - Be sure to check that your child has completed his/her homework each night

    - Assist your child with difficult homework, only after they have tried it on their own first

    - Study with your child before a test.  Small increments of time for several nights prior to the test are most effective

    - Notify me of any questions and concerns

    - Praise your child for his or her hard work! J


    I’m looking forward to a great year together! J