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    Welcome to pre-high social studies!  The primary goal of the Sea Girt social studies curriculum is to develop effective, participating, informed, and responsible citizens of New Jersey, the United States, and the World.  The following is an overview of course content, my grading and homework policies, and expectations for my students.

    Students will be issued a hardcover textbook or online textbook license and have access to the internet on their laptops.  I will supplement material related to the topics being covered.  I will utilize the internet, Google  Classroom, Discovery Education, ActiveWall flipcharts, ClassFlow,videos, films, Scholastic News magazine, and CNN Student News.  Current events will be covered periodically. 


    Grade 6: Textbook – Journey Across Time  (Glencoe)

    We will be reviewing geography skills throughout the year, but our primary concentration will focus on ancient civilizations, world religions, and cultures.  Major units will include Early Cultures, Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Greece, Rome and the Middle Ages.


    Grade 7:  Map Program – Our World Today (Nystrom)

                     Textbook – We the People (Center for Civic Education - Online)

    We will cover global geography using an independent hands-on map program with emphasis on the five themes of geography.   At the end of the second marking period, we will begin our unit on “Creating a Republic” including an in-depth study of the United States Constitution.


    Grade 8Textbook – The American Journey (Glencoe)

    If necessary, we will complete our study of the United States Constitution then begin to study our nation’s growth starting with a unit on the First Presidents.  Major units will include the Industrial Revolution, the Jackson Era, Manifest Destiny, the Reform Era, the Civil War and Reconstruction.


    Homework/Class Work:  Social studies will meet five periods a week and each student is expected to be prepared for class with laptop, textbook, binder, assignments, agenda, pen and highlighter.  We will review homework in class, and students will receive one demerit if their assignment is missing or incomplete.  Students will be required to make-up any missing  assignment.  Every student begins each marking period with a 100% homework grade. 


    Check students' agendas for homework and assignments; students can access study guidance and practice online through the link on my webpage.  Each time an assignment is incomplete, the student’s homework grade will be dropped 10 points.  If a student is absent from school, he/she is expected to make up all missed assignments.  A reasonable amount of time will be worked out with each student depending upon the length and nature of their absence.  Although homework will be infrequent, it is an important extension of class work. Parent support and cooperation would be greatly appreciated.


    Tests/Quizzes:  Pop quizzes may be given after assigned reading to assess completion, but I will always review material before a test and provide a study guide to 6th and 7th grade students.  My testing format will include essays, and I will also utilize short answer, multiple choice, matching, true/false and fill in the blank.  Critical thinking and writing in social studies will be emphasized in preparation for high school and standardized testing.  Test dates will be posted on the school website Test Calendar.  Please note that any test grade below an 80% will be sent home for your signature.  Please visit the OnCourse grade portal for progress reports and final marking period grades  There is a link on the SGES webpage.


    Class Participation:  Student comments, observations, debating skills, and the ability to share ideas and opinions cooperativly play a major role in class discussions.  A student’s class participation grade includes preparation, cooperation, behavior and effort during class.


    Grading Policy:

          - Assessments and Projects                                        50%

          -  Homework, Class Work, Quizzes                              30%

          -  Class Participation/Preparedness                             20%


     Extra Help:  I will do my best to be available during lunch/recess and after school.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.  You may reach my voicemail at 732-449-3422 (ext. 203) or e-mail me at nlawlor@seagirt.k12.nj.us.  Let’s work together to help your son/daughter have the best possible learning experience.  My goal is for all of my students to enjoy a tremendously successful year.  I look forward to working with your son or daughter.