• Grade 4

    Sea Girt Elementary School


    Class Rules


                 Show RESPECT
                   Show respect to others by:
                      -being kind and helpful
                      -using "full body" listening
                      -standing up for others 
                   Show respect to our classroom by:
                      -keeping our things clean/organized
                      -using materials appropriately
                   Show respect to ourselves by:
                      -always doing our best work
                      -listening and following directions
                      -having confidence and pride
                      -living a healthy life 



    ·        Marble Jar 

    ·        Behavior Chart Prizes

    ·        Homework Passes (Homework Island)


    ·        Verbal warnings will be given using the behavior chart.

    ·        If at the end of the day, behavior has not improved and student remains at the bottom of the behavior chart, students will be issued a recess detention.  During this recess detention, students will be required to write a letter home explaining what had happened and how the behavior needs to be changed (to be signed by parent/guardian).  I will also place a phone call home.

    ·        If necessary, further actions will be taken in consideration of the behavior.


    Agendas/Homework Folder

    ·        Check agenda assignments each night.  Bring to school each day.

    ·        Each day we stop and take time to copy homework assignments down.



    Friday Folders

    ·        To be returned by the following Monday.

    ·        Folder will include graded work, quizzes, and tests.

    ·        Return all items marked “Please sign and return.”

    ·       Check for “Upcoming Events” schedule each week.



    ·        Its purpose is to reinforce class lessons and to develop good study habits.

    ·        Help your child when they need it, but encourage them to try the work on their own first.

    ·        Homework will be given a score of either 2 (complete), 1 (mostly complete), or 0 (incomplete).  Homework is meant as a practice and will not be given a number grade.  If your child is ever having trouble, do not stress them out over having every bit completed correctly.  All that we can ask for is their best effort.

    ·        Incomplete homework will be given a score of zero and students will be required to complete the assignment the following night.

    ·        Students who complete homework regularly will be rewarded with homework passes.

    ·        If a student misses a homework assignment, they will come home with a pink slip to be signed by a parent and returned the next day with the completed homework assignment.


    Make-Up Work

    ·        If you know in advance your child will be absent, you must contact me.  No work will be prepared without a note, phone call, or e-mail.

    ·        Work for unplanned absences will be prepared only if requested by 9 a.m.  Work may be picked up in the office between 3:15 and 4:00 p.m.  This absent work may no longer be sent home with another student.

    ·       Work is expected to be made up within the number of days your child was absent (2 days absent = 2 days to make up).


    Extra Help

    ·       Although I will always be monitoring student progress, in fourth grade, it is the responsibility of the student to come to me for extra help.

    ·       I am always available for extra help during lunch and recess time.

    ·       If your child is struggling with homework, please encourage him/her to ask me for extra help.


    ·       Grades will be determined by tests, quizzes, homework, participation, and projects/reports.

              Correct heading must be on all work (name, date, and number).