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    Email Address:   kluttman@seagirt.k12.nj.us 
    Phone number:   732-449-3422 

    Emergency Alerts (E-Alerts)

    What are eAlerts?

    eAlerts are Electronic Alerts; email messages sent out to the community by Sea Girt School Administration. There are levels of eAlerts: Broadcast eAlerts and ContenteAlerts. You must be a Registered User to receive eAlerts.

    Broadcast eAlerts

    Broadcast eAlerts notify the community of emergency information, cancellations and timely events.  Broadcast eAlerts are sent as email content only. There is not the option to select to receive text messages this school year. 

    Content eAlert

    Content eAlerts are emails sent to Registered Users who have subscribed to a page within the Sea Girt Elementary School website. For example, a parent may decide to subscribe to a Teacher Page or Athletics section. If a staff member updates a page and creates a content eAlert, Registered Users who have subscribed to that content will receive email notification that content has modified. The email may contain a hyperlink to the page content.

    Request an account.  Once your identity has been verified and your account approved, you will receive an email confirmation with your account temporary credentials (username/password). You may then manage your account settings and how you choose to receive emergency notification.

    How do I Manage My Content E-Alert Subscriptions? 

    In order to receive Content E-Alerts, you must first subscribe to areas on the website. When an editor of an area to which you have subscribed modifies content within that area and sends a Content E-Alert, you receive email notification indicating that content has been updated. Click the link in the email message to navigate directly to the subscribed area.

    Here’s how you manage your subscriptions.

    1.        Sign in to the school website

    2.        Click My Account. A drop-down list displays

    3.        Click Edit Account Settings. The Account Settings window opens

    4.        Click Subscriptions in the left column

    5.        Click Manage Subscriptions. The Manage Subscriptions window opens

    6.        Use the Homepages and Calendars tab to subscribe to the homepages and calendars of your district or school sites. Click the checkbox to the left of a site to select it

    7.        Use the Other Areas of Interest tab to select sections of interest. You can browse through all areas. Or, you can filter by District or School sites, by Channels or enter a search string. Click the checkbox to the left of a section to select it

    1.        To filter sections, select a District or School site and Channel combination

    2.        To further limit your results, you can enter all or part of a section name in the search field and click Search

    8.       Click I’m Done. Your selections display under Manage Subscription

    To unsubscribe from an area click Remove.