• Our interscholastic athletic program provides 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students the opportunity to participate in a variety of athletic competitions with teams from other schools.  Sea Girt Elementary encourages both boys and girls to play on the soccer, basketball, cheerleading, baseball, softball, and/or tennis teams.
    To remain eligible, students must maintain good academic standing. Students must be present in school to participate in an athletic event after school.  
    Students are required by state law to have a physical examination before being permitted to participate in any sports activities. 

    All students who wish to participate on one of our teams will also be required to sign and abide by our Sea Girt Athletic Contract.  (For a copy of the contract CLICK HERE )
    All of our interscholastic athletic teams (with the exception of Tennis) are part of the Monmouth County Athletic League (MCAL). 
    Please click on the link to visit the official site:    
    For sports schedules see Sports Calendar page.