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    Welcome to Science ~ Ms. Dunbar

    Room Number:  1
    Email Address:   ldunbar@seagirt.k12.nj.us
    Phone number:   732-449-3422 ext. 201   
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     Students learn science content as they do the practices of science.

    Giant Squid Video

       Antarctica Penguin Cam
       Live Webcams
      Tracking Sharks Offshore
      RU Cool ~ Rutgers University Coastal Ocean Observation Lab
      View the Earth day and night (at this moment)
       Environmental News Updates
    As the scientist who advanced our understanding of atomic structure once said, "Science is not a list of facts and principles to learn by rote; it is a way of looking at the world and asking questions." - F. James Rutherford
    Science Supplies
    • A 2 pocket folder for science handouts
      Please do NOT purchase any notebooks or binders for science class.  Students keep an electronic binder in Google Drive.     
    • Calculator (simple, inexpensive one that fits in their backpack)
      The math calculator is fine, but they need to bring it to science class.
      A small, simple calculator that always stays in their backpack is best. 
    • Headphones
      A pair of inexpensive earbuds that stay in their backpack
    Question Mark
    Questions and Extra Help
    Every night students should review all their notes from the beginning of the unit.  If they are confused or have questions, they should write their name and question on a slip of paper, then hand it to me as they walk into class. 
    If they would like extra help outside of class, they should make an appointment to come see me during lunch recess.
    Tests and quizzes make up 30% of the student's grade.   Assignments make up 30% of the student's grade.  There will be several assignments each marking period.   The assignments are formative assessments of skills they have been practicing.  Participation is 20% of their grade.  A weekly participation grade will be recorded.  Practice is 20% of their overall grade.  This allows students to learn and practice without negatively impacting their grade; however, students will still need to understand the concepts and apply them to receive an outstanding grade. 
    The score of an assignment will be deducted 10 points for every day it is handed in late.
    Email Updates    email
    When appropriate, I'll send out email updates for Science.  It is brief and concise. 
    If you have any questions, please contact me.  Email works best:  ldunbar@seagirt.k12.nj.us    My phone is  (732) 449-3422 ext. 201.   
    I do not check email or voice mail during class.  Both emails and calls are reviewed at the end of the day.  If it is an emergency, please contact the front office.