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Welcome to Science ~ Ms. Dunbar
Room Number:  1
Email Address:
Phone number:   732-449-3422 ext. 201 

Homework Link

We'll be using Google Classroom as our "home base."

Students should look there first for any info or answers.

Homework is posted in Google Classroom.

Students should bring to science class every day:

  • blue or black pen (no pencils in science)

  • Science notebook

  • Science folder ~ 2-pocket folder

  • charged computer and earbuds (or headphones)

  • simple calculator

It helps to have an inexpensive pair of earbuds that stay in their backpack.

We'll be using 3 main programs this year:

  • Amplify Science

  • OpenSciEd

  • Tuva Labs

Students will be working in groups. It's important they have a charged computer and their headphones every day.


If students have a question, they can email me.  Though I don't answer emails after 3:30pm ~ I'll see their question and will be able to answer it the following day.

Assignments make up 50% of the student's grade. 
Participation is weighted at 25%. 
Tests and quizzes make up 25%. 

If an assignment is not completed, students will earn a failing grade of 40%.

Participation details will be recorded in ClassDOJO. Both parents and students can access the information online.

From time to time, life interferes with the best plans so please let me know if there are extenuating circumstances and an extension is needed to complete assignments.

If you have any questions, please contact me:    

I don't check emails during class.  Any emails received after 3:15pm will be answered the following day.  If it is an emergency, please contact the front office


Interesting Science Links: 

NJ Environmental News

See what's happening in NJ

Earth and Moon Viewer

See the Earth and Moon in this moment of time


Rutgers Center for Ocean Observing Leadership

Ocearch Tracker

Shark, whale, and dolphin tracker with map

Antarctic Penguin Cam

Live webcam in Antarctica ~ picture updates every 15 seconds