• 6th - 8th Grade

    Students at the pre-high level will be fine tuning their musical knowledge to ensure that they are prepared for higher learning endeavors at the high school level. Students will be covering a variety of topics in music appreciation including history, theory, composition, performance, and more! All students will continue to develop music learning skills using the Quaver Music online curriculum. Students in grades 6 - 8 enjoy fun project based units exploring topics such as Music Fundamentals, Busking/Street Entertaining, Science of Sound, Pop Opera, World Percussion, Scoring for Animation, Latin Percussion, Composers in Music History, Music, Media, and Technology, Ukulele, Keyboards, Asian Percussion, Musical Styles, and an 8th grade Giant Jam. For more information on Quaver Music, please click here to learn more about this new engaging and creative music curriculum that is sure to develop a love for music in your child.


    To explore these content areas in music, students will continue to learn to sing, read, listen, study, appreciate, and play music in a variety of ways. Through singing, students will improve their pitch, range, voice control, individual and group singing abilities by singing songs from text, learning holiday music, learning cultural music, and performing in the Pre-High Chorus at the Spring Concert. Utilizing various percussion instruments, tone chimes, xylophones, and more, students will develop performance skills on instruments while learning to read music and perform as a group. Students are also highly encouraged to continue or join the band. Pre-High students are also eligible to join the Drama Club and Chorus Club. In class, students will be introduced to music of various genres and time periods through listening examples and biographical composer studies.