Wingman Movement

Today Ian Hockley and Robb Armstrong from Dylan's Wings of Change spoke with students in grades 5-8 about The Wingman Movement.  After his son Dylan was killed at the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Ian started a foundation called Dylan's Wings of Change. The newly foundation was named Dylan's Wings of Change, inspired by his parents eulogy at his celebration of life. The first mission of the foundation was to support children with autism and related conditions, making grants to support small organizations that could not easily raise money. In 2015 the foundation founded Wingman, a youth-led social and emotional learning program for all children to experience. Sea Girt Elementary has joined The Wingman Movement. The students have been participating in activities lead by Mrs. Bittner and Mr. Hillman. Moving into next school year, we will be having 6th and 7th grade students taking the reigns as Wingman Leaders. They will attend training in the fall and facilitate activies with our younger students throughout the school year. Other schools in our area are also joining the movement, and we hope to  have the student leaders from local schools train together helping to spread the word about how small changes can accumulate with massive effect - The Butterfly Effect. #empathy #spreadkindness #sges #thewingmanmovement @thewingmanmovement 

If you'd like to to learn move about The Wingman Movement,  Ian and Robb are speaking this evening (March 13, 2023) from 7-8 PM at Spring Lake Heights Elementary School. CLICK HERE for information about tonight's event.